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About Trustvocate

Hey there, Hriday here, founder of Trustvocate. Nice to see you here, wanting to know more about us.
Get cozy, storytime ahead!

What we do

We are a customer reviews platform for online brands. Trustvocate is a community of online shoppers where people share their genuine experiences with brands. We make it possible for people to read reviews written by real customers before they decide to make a purchase online. With every review individually verified against documents, we strive to become the first global platform to shun the menace of fake reviews.

Why we do it

There’s quite a bit of a story to this. In 2015, I started my first e-commerce business called PiggyParcels. This was the time I faced a constant problem of building trust amongst prospective customers. Not just us, we saw other aspiring businesses face the same issue. But the scepticism wasn’t without reason. As an individual shopper myself, I was doubtful of transacting with a new business online. There was an obvious need for an independent and unbiased third party to collect our customer reviews and showcase them to our prospective customers. Leaving PiggyParcels, this is exactly what I got on to.

How we do it

Review collection at Trustvocate happens in two different ways. Passive review collection and Active review collection

Active review collection

Customer-centric brands actively invite all their customers to review them on Trustvocate.

Passive review collection

A customer of a brand comes to the Trustvocate and reviews the business / service.
In passive review collection, we ask for a proof of transaction to be submitted. This prevents fake reviews, making Trustvocate the platform you can trust.

Moreover, brands can only respond to customer reviews. Neither Trustvocate nor the partner brands can edit or delete reviews written by customers. An authentic review always stays.

What's in it for you

Our world today revolves around the internet. To capture the surge of online customers, we see new businesses going online each day. However, how is a customer like you supposed to know which business to transact with in order to ensure the best experience? As of now, you are left to judge a company on the basis of their adverts or the beauty of their website. We want to change that, we want the online shopping community to take decisions based on the experiences of past customers of a business.

In this process, we also give you a voice. Your voice can finally impact others’ decisions and hence the success of a brand.

Join our community of online shoppers by reading and writing reviews on Trustvocate!

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Did you make it this far? You’re a star! Thank you for your time once again - Hriday :)

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